Pony Accessories

Pony AccessoriesDon't forget your pony's food store! And depending on your choice of pony, you can add a full set of leather tack, a comfy 'sheepskin' numnah or a cosy fleece rug.

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Flexible trug, 12 coloursFlexible trug, 12 colours£1.50
Food SackFood Sack£2.00
Lead ropeLead rope£3.00
Leather Tack Set Leather Tack Set £26.00

Select colour

Lined Christmas rug & headcollar setLined Christmas rug & headcollar set£12.00
Lined rug & headcollar setLined rug & headcollar set£12.00

Select pattern

Miniature rosetteMiniature rosette£3.00
Pony Jumps Set No. 1Pony Jumps Set No. 1£15.95
Pony rug and headcollar setPony rug and headcollar set£9.00

Select the required rug colour

Pony rug [full neck] and headcollarPony rug [full neck] and headcollar£12.00
Saddle numnahSaddle numnah£3.00

Select the required numnah colour