Limited Edition horses

Limited Edition horses*NEW* Sleek horses/ponies made from the most gorgeous soft 3mm plush fabric - it feels almost like real pony skin! They have been modeled to look as realistic as possible, often with shading, and detailing to the eyes.

All of these horses will be made in very small quantities, depending on which fabrics are available, and in some cases there will only be one of a particular design. Please allow two weeks for your horse or pony to be created [although urgent requests can usually be accommodated].

Suitable for children or collectors and all carefully hand made in our Dorset workshops. [Please note that the price of each horse and pony reflects the amount of work in each, and whether it has tack or a rug].

A large rug and headcollar setA large rug and headcollar set£13.00
Appaloosa Appaloosa £98.00
Appaloosa, blanket spotAppaloosa, blanket spot£98.00
Appaloosa, blanket spot chestnutAppaloosa, blanket spot chestnut£105.00
Black Black £85.00
Black show horseBlack show horse£95.00
Blue roanBlue roan£92.00
Bright bay with tackBright bay with tack£120.00
Chestnut, paleChestnut, pale£95.00
Dark brownDark brown£96.00
Dun (buckskin)Dun (buckskin)£85.00
Grey dappleGrey dapple£96.00