Hobby donkey

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Hobby donkey 2014
Hobby donkey with rider

Our realistic interpretation of this traditional toy has a hardwood pole, handle and wheels, real leather harness and a brass bell. They are made from the finest life-like fur fabrics which enhances their appeal.

The hobby horses are suitable for riding by children from about two years upwards, although we have come across toddlers as young as fifteen months who are determined to try! We generally recommend that if a child can walk confidently and well, they will be able to manage the hobby horse: with its handles to hold on to and wheels to roll along the ground, it is simply a matter of riding away!

Our hobby donkey is a real favourite with his long ears and soft pale nose.  His shaggy fur is flecked with pale brown and black and is the softest plush you could wish for.

COLOUR: Donkey




*New* Personalised hobby horses - have your child's name and/or birth date pyrographed into the stick.



Price: £55.00